Drop a thank you message in the comments for our school counselors! We are thankful for all they do for students and staff in #RobinsonISD and want to make sure they feel loved during School Counselor Appreciation Week 2023!
39 minutes ago, Colette Pledger
School Counselor Week
Mrs. Newton’s class “breaking out” after solving all the clues! Learning is fun!Rockets never quit!
2 days ago, Missy Zacharias
break out
break out
break out
break out
Join RHS HOSA at our next blood drive! Please see the flyer for more information and you can sign up at the following link: https://ww3.greatpartners.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/132842 #RobinsonISD
4 days ago, Colette Pledger
Feb. 10th Blood Drive
Robinson ISD will start school at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 2nd. Buses will run 2.5 hours later than normal. We will check the roads in the morning. You will be notified again if this decision needs to be modified. Thank you! #RobinsonISD
4 days ago, Michael Hope
Counselors in #RobinsonISD will share Character Strong lessons this month around the character traits of honesty in grades PK-6 and kindness in grades 7-12.
4 days ago, Colette Pledger
Feb. Character Traits
Robinson ISD will remain closed on Wednesday, February 1st. Weather forecasts are showing freezing rain throughout the day tomorrow with temperatures remaining below freezing. These days will not have to be made up. #RobinsonISD
5 days ago, Michael Hope
Did you receive an email from edurooms? If so, listen to this video to hear more information about how we are working to streamline communication during this pilot for parents in #RobinsonISD. If you didn't receive an email, but would like information about this communication tool, please listen. More video tutorials on how to use the system are coming soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVrtGjumS2U
6 days ago, Colette Pledger
Robinson ISD will be closed on Tuesday due to the high probability of severe weather and dangerous road conditions. We will monitor the weather to determine if it affects Wednesday. Thank you and stay warm and safe!! #RobinsonISD
6 days ago, Michael Hope
Progress reports are available in Skyward Parent portal for the first 3 weeks of the third nine weeks (1/27/2023). #RobinsonISD
9 days ago, Colette Pledger
Jan. 27th Progress Reports
#RobinsonISD would like for you to enjoy this Rocket Report to highlight the teachers who received a fall grant from the Robinson Education Foundation. To learn more about the foundation, please visit risdweb.org/ref
13 days ago, Colette Pledger
REF Fall Grants Video
January is School Board Appreciation Month, and we are shining a spotlight on our school board! If you see our #RobinsonISD board members out in the schools or in the community, thank them for their leadership and dedication.
13 days ago, Colette Pledger
School Board Appreciation
Primary Parent game night is going well! So fun! #RobinsonISD
17 days ago, Colette Pledger
game night
game night
game night
Come on out to Robinson Junior High and join us for Kindergarten and First Grade Family Game Night!
17 days ago, Allison Dungan
Primary Game Night Great turnout!!!
17 days ago, Michael Herring
Consistency is hard. Have each person in the family commit to 1 thing they will do each day this week. Maybe it is flossing, drinking a certain amount of water, getting to bed at a certain time, limiting screen time, or exercising. Create a place where each person can tally their progress and see who can keep their streak going the longest! Leave a comment about who won or what you tried. #RobinsonISD
19 days ago, Colette Pledger
Consistency challenge
#RobinsonISD school board members are committed to children and believe that all children can be successful learners. Please join us in thanking our board that volunteers many hours to support students and staff.
23 days ago, Colette Pledger
School Board Appreciation
No school in #RobinsonISD on Monday, January 16th for students and staff in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
24 days ago, Colette Pledger
School Holiday
Please join #RobinsonISD in welcoming Coach Chris Lancaster as the Head Football Coach of the Rockets. He will start working in the district this week.
27 days ago, Colette Pledger
Lancaster Welcome
Robinson ISD is currently accepting parent applications for gifted and talented testing for students currently enrolled in kindergarten from January 9th-January 20th. If you would like to have your child tested, please email the campus counselor, Allison Dungan, at allison.dungan@robinson.k12.tx.us. If you have questions about your child's performance and whether or not to refer them for testing, please contact your child's teacher.
27 days ago, Colette Pledger
Grit Squad members and ALL-STARS! Rockets Never Quit! #Robinsonisd
29 days ago, Missy Zacharias