The following goals were mutually agreed upon by the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent to guide Robinson ISD to best meet the needs of our students, staff, and community.


  1. Robinson ISD staff will provide real-world connections through each unit of instruction in all subjects to ensure students are college and career ready.

  2. Robinson ISD staff will provide data-driven intervention and enrichment activities/programs in core subjects to help students improve in both assessed and real-world areas.

  3. Robinson ISD in collaboration with all staff members will draft a comprehensive compensation, benefits, and support plan to facilitate hiring and retaining the best and most qualified people for all positions.

  4. Robinson ISD in collaboration with students, staff, parents, business, and community members will complete a strategic facilities plan.

  5. Robinson ISD will communicate with all stakeholders using media available to the District to inform and to promote the successes of students and staff.

  6. Robinson ISD will implement policies, trainings, and plans to keep campus students, staff, and facilities safe.


●Goal 1 includes more dual credit opportunities, CTE certifications, and opportunities to improve communication/soft skills needed as a graduate.

●Goal 2 includes interventions for struggling learners and enrichments for all students.

●Goal 3 includes salary schedules, benefits (insurance, leave, education, other), and support (two-way communication, collaboration, work environment).

●Goal 4 includes facility assessments, demographic studies, educational needs of students and staff, fiscal efficiencies, bonding capacity, timelines, existing debt, etc.

●Goal 5 includes all pertinent district/campus information throughout the year and displays, media posts/stories, recognitions, events that highlight the outstanding achievements, accomplishments, and/or efforts of students and staff.

●Goal 6 includes bullying procedures, feasibility of a school marshal program, and other possible safety enhancements.

Robinson ISD Board of Trustees will provide resources to accomplish these goals and objectives.
Robinson ISD staff will provide the time and effort to accomplish these goals and objectives.