New Employee Documents

Congratulations on your employment with Robinson ISD!

The documents listed below will be emailed to you upon your hiring.  They will be sent to the email address that you used on your application.  As you complete these onboarding documents, they will be automatically sent back to the district as you click on "submit". It is important that you complete all forms as we will be unable to issue your first paycheck if your file is incomplete. If you have questions concerning submitting these forms, please call Angela Bettinger at 254-662-0194.

  • Direct Deport Form

  • W-4 Form

  • Ethnicity and Race Reporting Form

  • New Hiring Reporting Form

  • Personal Data Report

  • Statement Concerning Job not Covered by Social Security

  • UIL Agreement Form

  • I-9 Forms and Instructions

  • Request for Personnel Records

You will also need to submit the following documents:

  • Original transcript of all college hours

  • Driver License or US Passport 

Robinson ISD will use the Request for Personnel Records form to request your records from previous districts.

We are so pleased that you have joined our staff and look forward to working with you.

Tim VanCleave
Deputy Superintendent
Robinson ISD