Welcome to the Robinson Independent School District, home of the "Rockets".

Description of the District

Robinson ISD serves over 2,300 students.

The district offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of its students. Robinson ISD is committed to helping students set and achieve high goals.

Students in RISD have the opportunity to excel in academic and extracurricular activities. Our district has a supportive community, a dedicated faculty, and determined students.

The campus configuration is the following: Primary (Early Childhood – 1) Elementary (2 – 3) Intermediate (4 – 5) Junior High (6 – 8) High School (9 – 12)

District Map A map of the district is located at the following address: https://www.risdweb.org/domain/41

vision-logo Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Motto, and Expectations Policy AE

In partnership with parents and the community, Robinson ISD will prepare students for a fulfilling and productive life by empowering them to perform with academic excellence and personal responsibility and to exhibit characteristics of compassion and integrity needed to contribute to society and succeed in all endeavors.

Robinson ISD will develop leaders and productive citizens by cultivating a passion for learning and a desire for excellence.

Every Student Every Day

o Put students first – what is best for us is not always best for students
o Respect is earned and not demanded
o Working hard is our minimum standard
o Communicate often with students, parents, and other staff
o Support every one and every program to meet our students needs
o Practice patience and compassion
o Live and work every day with passion and integrity
o Find joy in your work and studentso Eliminate behaviors that bring down and emphasize behaviors that build up

Robinson ISD takes great pride in an attendance rate of 96%+, and an annual dropout rate of -1%. The economically disadvantaged represent 13.6% of the total student population.

District Mailing Address: 500 W. Lyndale, Robinson, TX 76706

Telephone: (254) 662-0194
Fax: (254) 662-0215
Robinson ISD has a total of 288 employees, 175 of which are professional employees (this includes teachers and administrators). This provides a student-to-teacher ratio of approximately 12:1, allowing our students close interaction with their instructors. There are approximately 11 students per professional employee, and only 7 students per member of the total staff population. Robinson ISD makes a great effort at keeping up with the pace of the fast-growing technological world too. There is one computer for every 5 students in the entire school district.


Listed below are the Robinson Independent School District campuses and some basic information about each one of them, such as student body size, grade levels accommodated by the campus, principals and assistant principals, date the original campus was built and additions were made, and the telephone number at which each campus can be reached.

Please note that all campuses within the Robinson Independent School District can be reached at the district mailing address listed above in General Information.

District Mailing Address: 500 W. Lyndale, Robinson, TX 76706
Telephone: (254) 662-0194
Fax: (254) 662-0215

front of robinson primary


Robinson Primary school has kindergarten through first grade.
students. The new campus was completed in 2001.

Principal: Missy Zacharias

Robinson Primary school telephone: (254) 662-0251.

front of elementaryROBINSON ELEMENTARY
Robinson Elementary was built in 1990 to accommodate grades 2-3.

Kati Fuqua is the principal of Robinson Elementary School.

Robinson Elementary School telephone: (254) 662-5000


The new Intermediate School will be opened in the fall of 2016. It accommodates 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

The principal is Sara Laughlin.

Robinson Intermediate telephone: (254) 662-6183


Robinson Junior High School accommodates 7th and 8th grades and is adjacent to the Intermediate school campus, allowing opportunity for both Intermediate and Junior High students access to many of the Junior high school facilities such as the gymnasium, library, and band halls.

Principal is Shelly Chudej

Robinson Junior High School telephone: (254) 662-3843

Robinson High SchoolRobinson High School

Robinson High School offers a wide variety of courses and programs such as college preparatory, tech preparatory, vocational education, special education, gifted and talented education, and English as a second language. Principal is Russ Meggs

University Interscholastic League Classification: 4-A

Robinson High School telephone: (254) 662-3840


Football team playingThe Pride of the Blue Robinson High School Marching Band has won four state marching championships (1981, 1984, 1994, 1996).

Band director is

Robinson has also seen play-off teams in every varsity team sport (girls and boys) State qualifiers in UIL. Academics, Co-Curricular, and Extra-Curricular competitions TAKS (TAAS) scores above the state averages at every grade level tested in all subject areas.