Robinson Independent School District Parent and Family Engagement Policy

The Robinson ISD staff, in cooperation with the parents, will encourage all students to reach their fullest potential emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically, helping them realize that they are responsible for their own actions.

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Review the Student Handbook with your child. During the online registration process, parents will acknowledge that they understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook.
  • Encourage your child to put a high priority on education and to commit to making the most of the educational opportunities provided by the school.
  • Become familiar with the academic program offered in the district and feel free to ask the principal/curriculum director any questions, including concern about placement and assignment. Information about academic programs can be located on the RISD website.
  • Attend meetings to learn more about ongoing operations of the district: School Board, Campus Educational Improvement Committee (CEIC), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), etc.
  • Exercise your right to review teaching materials, textbooks, and other aids, and to examine tests that have been administered to your child.
  • Be aware of your rights to temporarily remove your child from an instructional activity that conflicts with your religious or moral beliefs. Such removal cannot be for the purpose of avoiding a test and may not prevent the student from attending for an entire semester, however. Further, such removal does not exempt the student from satisfying grade level requirements as determined by the school and by the Texas Education Agency.
  • Review your child’s school progress reports (online), report cards and school assignments with your child. Using the information provided by teachers, family access through Skyward and other means presented by the school, monitor your child’s progress; contacting teachers if needed. Take advantage of all opportunities to stay informed regarding your child’s grades and activities. Parents can call the school office if they need assistance with Family Access or accessing teacher websites.

Robinson ISD will use Title I funds to provide school-wide services to all students on the district’s Title I campuses. Parents will be involved in a variety of strategies as the district strives to develop and maintain an optimum learning environment for all students. Parents may contribute through volunteer programs at Title I campuses, as well as by creating a supportive home atmosphere. The community may participate in an array of activities that promote student success. Each campus and its parents will develop and maintain specific parent involvement activities best suited to meet the individual needs of all stakeholders

Reviewed and Revised on July 11, 2019