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Safety and Security

Robinson ISD

  Safety and Security @ Robinson ISD

School Safety

At Robinson ISD, safety and security of our students and staff is a top priority. Here is a list of several tips that will help keep our campuses safe:

  • All parents and volunteers must sign in at the office and wear their volunteer badges at all times while on the school campus.
  • We ask that parents who need to contact their children during the school day do so through proper school channels.
  • Please reinforce the message we give our students about the importance of not opening outside campus doors to let people in, even their friends or others they may know. This allows us to know who is on our campuses and to run visitors through the security clearance procedure at the front office.
  • Encourage your children to report any conduct or activities that might affect school safety.
  • In the event of any school emergency:
    • Watch the Robinson website for updates and instructions (risdweb.org).
    • Robinson ISD will use its School message site and Skyward to push out information for parents.
    • Watch local media stations for reported instructions.
    • Do not come to your child’s campus unless instructed 

    • Emergency Operations Procedures


  • Reunification instructions for Parents and Staff 

Stop The Bleed Training Information

Robinson ISD Police Department

Abel Sanchez        Chief of Police             abelsanchez@robinson.k12.tx.us


Director of Safe Schools

David Wrzesinski

dwrzesinski@robinson.k12.tx.us         254-662-0194