A Celebration of
    Beverly Cleary's

    The fourth grade students celebrated the 100th birthday of author Beverly Cleary.  
    The celebration included an overview of her life and timeless books that are still popular today even as she is turning 100 years old.


     District Librarian: Patti Veit
     High School: Cristy Bennett 

    Junior High: Lori Kenny

     Intermediate: Karen Lopez 

    Elementary:  Angela Boyett

    Library Resources

    Primary, Elementary, Intermediate, & Junior High libraries collect Box Tops. 
    We use the money from these to buy new library books.

    All Campuses
     Destiny Britannica SchoolSearch a Book Series
      Gale CEngage Learning
    The username for Britannica
    is j161922 and
    the password is learn
    The username for Gale
    is j161922 and
    the password is rockets 

    Accelerated Reading (Note: We have access to every AR test available, but we don't necessarily own a copy in the library of every title.)
    The entire RISD AR program is now web based and is now located in the Renaissance Learning Website.  Click here for the Online AR Program Login.  Also, parents, you or your child can now login to the AR site at home using the Home Connect page.  The link for doing so is below:

    Click here for the Parents AR Program Login 

    (Parents: you will need to get your child's login information in order to use the AR Home Connect feature)

    The colors with the reading levels for the AR books:1.0 - 1.5   Green1.6 - 2.1   Yellow;  2.2 - 2.7   Purple;  2.8 - 3.3   Pink;  3.4 - 3.9   Blue;

    4.0 - 4.5   Red4.6 - 5.0   White5.1 - 5.9   Black6.0 - 6.9   Orange7.0  Up     Uncoded

     Campus Resources
     Ebooks (Only for Intermediate, Junior High and High School)
    Ebook Directions: Grades 4-12

    For Chrome Book /Desktop

    1. Google search – www.gofollett.com OR go to the FOLLETT link on the RISD Library website
    2. Locate state & school
    3. Select book & click on CHECKOUT
    4. Enter username and password

    Username - first.last
    Password - student id+3 initials

    ** must have wifi at all times

    For Personal Devices such as iPad/iPhone/Kindle (when not at school)

    (Install the Brytewave K-12 App)

    Locate state & school
    Select book & click on CHECKOUT
    Enter username and password

    Username - first.last
    Password - student id+3 initials

    ** wifi is needed only when downloading the eBook to your device