Welcome to the Robinson ISD COVID-19 Instructional Resources Page. Please click the grade level below to access the learning activities for you child. These activities are intended to provide your child with engaging learning experiences during this unexpected window of school closure.

Rockets Never Quit Learning: Add your photos of your children learning from home 

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Robinson Primary

Pre-Kindergarten May 18-22
Kindergarten May 18-22 First Grade May 18-22
Pre-Kindergarten May 11-15
Kindergarten May 11-15
First Grade May 11-15

Robinson Elementary

Second Grade May 18-22
Third Grade May 18-22
Second Grade May 11-15 Third Grade May 11-15

Robinson Intermediate

Fourth Grade May 18-22
Fifth Grade May 18-22 Sixth Grade May 18-22
Fourth Grade May 11-15
Fifth Grade May 11-15
Sixth Grade May 11-15

Robinson Junior High

Seventh & Eighth Grade May 18-22

Seventh & Eighth Grade May 11-15


Math, ELAR, Science, & Social Studies May 18-22
Electives May 18-22
Math, ELAR, Science, & Social Studies May 11-15 Electives May 11-15

Rockets Never Quit Learning

Week 3 Learning at Home

Week 1 Learning at Home

Week 2 Learning at Home

Previous Weeks:


Pre-Kindergarten March 23-27 Kindergarten March 23-27 First Grade March 23-27
Pre-Kindergarten March 30-April 3 Kindergarten March 30-April 3 First Grade March 30-April 3 
Pre-Kindergarten April 6-9 Kindergarten April 6-9 First Grade April 6-9
Pre-Kindergarten April 14-17 Kindergarten April 14-17 First Grade April 14-17
Pre-Kindergarten April 20-24 Kindergarten April 20-24 First Grade April 20-24
PreKindergarten April 27-May 1 Kindergarten April 27-May 1 First Grade April 27-May 1
Pre-Kindergarten May 4-8 Kindergarten May 4-8 First Grade My 4-8


Second Grade March 23-27 Third Grade March 23-27
Second Grade March 30-April 3 Third Grade March 30-April 3
Second Grade April 6-9 Third Grade April 6-9
Second Grade April 14-17 Third Grade April 14-17
Second Grade April 20-24 Third Grade April 20-24
Second Grade April 27-May 1 Third Grade April 27-May 1
Second Grade May 4-8 Third Grade May 4-8


Fourth Grade March 23-27 Fifth Grade March 23-27 Sixth Grade March 23-27
Fourth Grade March 30-April 3 Fifth Grade March 30-April 3 Sixth Grade March 30-April 3
Fourth Grade April 6-9 Fifth Grade April 6-9 Sixth Grade April 6-9
Fourth Grade April 14-17 Fifth Grade April 14-17 Sixth Grade April 14-17
Fourth Grade April 20-24 Fifth Grade April 20-24 Sixth Grade April 20-24
Fourth Grade April 27-May 1 Fifth Grade April 27-May 1 Sixth Grade April 27-May 1
Fourth Grade May 4-8 Fifth Grade May 4-8 Sixth Grade May 4-8

Junior High:

Seventh & Eighth Grade March 23-27 Seventh & Eighth Grade March 30-April 3
Seventh & Eighth Grade April 6-9 Seventh & Eighth Grade April 14-17
Seventh & Eighth Grade April 20-24
Seventh & Eighth Grade May 4-8

Seventh & Eighth Grade April 27-May 1

High School:

Math, ELAR, Science, Social Studies March 23-27
Math, ELAR, Science & Social Studies March 30-April 3
Math, ELAR, Science & Social Studies April 6-9 Electives April 6-9
Math, ELAR, Science, & Social Studies April 14-17 Electives April 14-17
Math, ELAR, Science, & Social Studies April 20-24 Electives April 20-24
Math, ELAR, Science, & Social Studies April 27-May 1 Electives April 27-May 1
Math, ELAR, Science, & Social Studies May 4-8 Electives May 4-8