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The Robinson Education Foundation Fun Run was a Great Success!


Grant Applications
Please find the grant timelines for the Robinson Education Foundation attached for this year.

The timeline is a little different this year with mini grants in the fall, a longer time period for completion of larger grant applications, and the opportunity to have all items to use with students this school year!

Please mark your calendars for grant training on September 28th.  

Fun Run
 A BIG thank you to our 2016 Fun Run Sponsors!  fun-run-sponsors

Intermediate Teachers 
The Robinson Education Foundation awarded the following grants this morning:

Cindy Engel - Robinson Elementary - “Just A Swinging…Not Only at Recess Anymore”

Susan Godfrey & Gay Anna Wagner - Robinson Primary - “Pedaling a Path to a Successful Learning”

Brandi Cox - Robinson Primary - “Nurturing Knowledge with Nature”

Kara Ficke - Robinson Elementary - “Exer-learning”

Michael Hinton - Robinson Junior High - “Safety First, Avoid the Worst”

Dusty Mathis and Kindergarten Team - Robinson Primary - “Techie Tikes”

Becky Arndt, Judy Hill, & Dylan Campbell - Robinson High School - “Lighting Up Science”

Diana Newton, Brittany Hartley, Misty Ellison, & Suzy Cox and the 1st grade team - Robinson Primary - “Masterful Math Manipulatives: Building Better Mathematicians”

Tami Machac, Holly Lippe, Melanie Grisham, & Leslie Rowe - Robinson Intermediate - “Yo, ho! Yo, ho! A Science Life for Me!”

Fourth Grade Team - Robinson Intermediate - “iPads for iLearn”

Dusty Mathis - Robinson Primary - “Wiggly Tiggly"

Robinson Education Foundation-Recognizing Students & Staff in RISD

• 501(3)c non-profit charitable organization Funded by Contributors for grants on all campuses and academic recognition programs
•Awarded 7 teacher grants (100% of those that applied) in December 2012, 11 teacher grants in December 2013, and 8 teacher grants in December 2014 totaling over $67,000 in teacher grants over 3 years.
• Recognize RHS Distinguished students and honored staff in May during the “Celebration of Stars” banquet